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nick moore biography

Stoke-on-Trent was a fascinating place in which to grow up. Pottery industry gave way to the clay-soft rural countryside at the town boundaries; from bottle kiln to bucolic landscape. That abrupt transition can be witnessed in my paintings, swapping freely from portraits of local characters to  classic landscapes which I feel a compulsion to capture in oils.


Having studied printing and graphics at South Manchester College, I spent over 25 years as a printer and the next 15 years as a graphic designer.


In 2017  I attended life drawing whilst visiting my father, respected Penwith artist David Moore, in St Ives. With his guidance and critique I greedily painted without the restraint of traditional creative schooling. Immersing myself in art with a focus on contemporary artists, I attend a large amount of exhibitions and private collections locally and abroad.


Currently inspired by regional artists, creative friends and influenced by 20th and 21st century painters, I search for ever more economical mark-making, which tells “all of the story”.

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