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flora forshall biography

She now makes limited edition screen prints on paper, and is inspired by the colours and shapes of the natural environment and the world around her. From the page spring playful monkeys,  stylised dancers in jewel like hues,  and scrumptious birds with curves that no one could resist, alongside striking monochrome prints that play with line and form in a dance that looks effortless but is in fact as hard as walking a tightrope! 

Flora is interested in a wide range of subjects, and brings her lively mind to her working practise. Regarding her process, Flora says ' I like to create images by experimenting with collage and painting before printing. This allows me to see how the planes and colour blocks of the composition interact with each other before I begin the complex process of screen printing. When the image I have in my minds eyes starts to be revealed with every layer of colour laid on, it is like my dreams are being realised onto the paper'. 

The effect on the viewer is immediate, and her work is that rare thing; communicable, joyful, yet complex with hidden depth. As appealing to a child as an adult, her trademark bold, colourful, playful imagery is studded with extra layers that reward repeat viewings. The turquoise shade that repeats within the piece entitled 'Jungle' is a prime example, used to highlight a monkeys leg or tail here, and outline a brilliant jungle bloom there. 

Flora is poised for a brilliant career; only two years out of university and already starting to make waves in galleries with her unique, effervescent images. 


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