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tanja moderscheim

Painted on linen, wood, silver or gold, these still-life paintings showcase flowers, game, Delft Blueware as well as simple arrangements of fruit and produce. The paintings communicate an uncomplicated enjoyment of beauty and light. Beneath many paintings, however, lies a celebration of heritage and tradition: for example, the artist celebrates her Dutch heritage by painting the collection of 16th-19th century heritage tulips she grows in her garden each year. The bulbs are sourced from Hortus Bulborum, a Dutch foundation that preserves heritage tulip varieties. However, the artist also simply delights in painting the beauty of fruit in raking light.

For St Ives Contemporary, the artist has created a new series of paintings celebrating shells, plants and other endemic delights of the Cornish coast. These intimate little paintings on wood, silver and 23ct gold are available through the Art To You gallery service. 

Technique: classical painting technique involving grounding, dead-colouring, working up and glazing. Paintings on fine Belgian linen, Italian wood panels, silver and 23ct gold, set in simple lacquered frames or for a more luxurious finish, bespoke 17th century replicas or hand-picked period frames.

Palette: 17th century pigments vermillion, madder lake, lead-tin yellow, stil de grain, lapis lazuli, blue verditer, yellow ochre, Mt Amiata siennas, Cyprus umbers, and lead white.

Composition: expressing a sense of stillness, elegance and refinement.

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