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beatrice forshall biography

Her work has always drawn upon the natural world, and her printmaking revolves around species and themes central to conservation.


From 2017- 2019 Beatrice was artist in residence with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, a growing collaboration between researchers, policy makers and practitioners from the University of Cambridge and leading biodiversity conservation organisations. Alongside specialists within CCI, she worked on an exhibition that was held in their headquarters, the Attenborough building


To date she has worked with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, ICUN; TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network; BirdLife International and Flora and Fauna International.


She is currently engraving the illustrations of a book which is to be published by Bloomsbury in Autumn 2022.


The drypoint etching printing technique she uses, and the fact that her prints are individually finished by hand, means that each final image varies slightly in form and colour and is therefore unique.


A percentage of the sales of Beatrice’s prints goes towards frontline conservation projects.

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