ben hamilton-tredinnick biography

Ben says of his work:

"It's hard for me to put into words what my photography is, but I will try. Photography for me is about being in the moment, putting in the hard work, early mornings to be present and capture moments in time, a feeling of being at one with my surroundings. My style is at times almost cinimatic, dream-like and can often depend on my mood. Being bi-polar, my mood can change a lot, and this is often represented in my work. From the dark and stormy surrealism of lock-down, to the unbelieavable beauty of a perfect sunrise'.

His passion, skill and utter dedication to his craft is evident in the striking compositions his camera captures. Playing with shutter speed to summon the kinetic movement of waves, framing familiar views from new angles to tease out rich layers of hidden beauty, and a never ending quest to capture the perfect, most Technicolor sunrise that St Ives can muster, Ben does it all, often from the ultimate vantage point of the ocean itself. 

Ben has exhibited in Truro, at Mounthawke Skate Park and in several locations within St Ives. This is his first time exhibiting with a diverse portfolio of painters, printmakers and glassmakers, and an exciting opportunity to showcase his talent to a new and varied audience.